Matwatches Story

Passion and precision, know-how and excellence, esprit and self-discipline – these are the values they share with the world of watch-making. That is why the brand has such strong ties with the most prestigious military units.

Several direct intervention units and teams have been so impressed by the superb performance, outstandingly reasonable prices, robustness and easy-to-read dials of these automatic mechanical instruments that they decided they too must have these watches.

Since its foundation, MATWATCHEShas forged close links with the special forces of various armies, particularly since 2005 when the AG1-RAID watch first went into production. It was the forerunner of the range, and has since become a brand icon.

To celebrate the 30th birthday of RAID, the French elite police enforcement unit, (and also its own first 10 years of existence), MATWATCHES have produced a limited edition chronograph, restricted to 150 units, each with its own individual sequential number. These watches are the embodiment of the immutable values that the members of these unique forces desire and need. Perfection at its peak, superb values of which all display the MER-AIR-TERRE hallmark.

In 2013, MATWATCHES worked closely with the French Foreign Legion to mark the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Camarón. These authentic timepieces, produced specifically for the famous Foreign Legion, respect the cultural, technical and aesthetic codes that govern the work of legionnaires throughout their daily lives.

Also back in 2015, MATWATCHES got together with the pilots of the US Naval Force to design an automatic watch with an additional mechanical complexity: a second time zone. This feature is also much appreciated by travelers and globetrotting adventurers.


Jacques Chirac

Matwatches Chirac

Jacques Chirac is the former President of the French Republic. After a long spell as Prime Minister in the Governments of Valéry Giscard d’Estaing and François Mitterrand, he became President - and is the only political figure to have occupied the post of Prime Minister twice. He became the 22ndPresident of the Republic of France after two Presidential electoral defeats in 1981 and 1988. Since 2006 he has been wearing our special edition AG2 GSPR watch.

Bruce Dickinson

Matwatches Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson is the legendary singer of the group Iron Maiden. His joint passions are aviation, music and entrepreneurship, and a friendship rapidly grew between the British man and the independent French brand. In his capacity as faithful Ambassador, he wears our AG5 CHL AIR chronograph.

Jacques Laffite

Matwatches Ambassador

Jacques Laffite is a French racing car driver, who has competed in 176 Formula 1 Grand Prix races, being victorious on six occasions between 1974 and 1986. In the wake of his driving career, he was an F1 Grand Prix consultant for a French TV channel until 2012, going on to be in charge of presenting the programme ‘Dimanche Méca’ on a sports channel in 2013. Unassuming and passionate, he is a dazzling embodiment of the values of our maison. Jacques Laffite is equipped with our AG5 CHL chronograph.